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The TRIDENT programme has been put together by a variety of experts in the fields of nutrition, exercise and technology.

Read the TRIDENT teams’ profiles below.

John Lally
Director of Exercise & Training

John has over 20 years experience as a personal trainer and a list of qualifications as long as his arm. He’s also a qualified kickboxing, boxercise and kettlebell instructor. John specialises in speed-agility and core development.

”I love training my clients effectively; to help them successfully achieve their personal goals and ambitions!  The success of the majority of our clients personal development hinges on breaking down personal barriers they have; so although we train our clients hard; we go the extra mile by boosting motivations and being available for our clients when they need us during any peaks and troths – not just once a week.”

Originally from Manchester, England. Lee is a multiple award winning, author and co-author in the field of Nutrition and is a doctor of education in the Priority Research Centre in Physical Activity and Nutrition (PRC-PAN), at the University of Newcastle, Australia. The subject of Lee’s work is to develop and evaluate a ‘Healthy Lifestyle Program’ using innovative, interactive technologies to improve mental health, diet, physical activity and lifestyle behaviours – very similar to the TRIDENT programme.

Lee’s role within TRIDENT is a theoretical and application consultant; ensuring the research used in the TRIDENT programme is scientifically driven to provide the best results for participants.

Lee Ashton, PhD, MSc, BSc Hons.
Nutritionist Consultant


Dean holds a BA Hons. in Sport Development & PE and a MSc in Nutrition & Exercise Science. As well as being our director of nutrition Dean has provided consultancy work and has set up health interventions recognised by Public health England.

‍‍‍Dean also holds qualifications in; Level 4 Strength and Conditioning, Level 4 lower back pain management and a level 3 exercise referral professional.

Dean works with our clients to control a clients diet but also build a knowledge base which can be carried forth into a client’s everyday life.

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Features of the TRIDENT Programme
Designed by the Industries Best & Scientifically Proven!
Our team consists of university qualified & award winning Ph.D & MsC Nutritionists, Dieticians & experienced trainers.
Weekly Intense Fat Burning Group Training Sessions
6 X 1hr sessions in Manchester City Centre Maximum Group Size of 12 (6 people to each trainer)
Customised Fat Burning Diets Designed for You!
Regardless how hard you work you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. The major challenge with weight loss starts in the kitchen. Your 6 week TRIDENT diet will be customised specifically for you; based on your needs and your ongoing assessments.
‍‍‍Free access to our online physical activity programmes
It’s important you and your TRIDENT team know your diet & training performance. T‍‍‍rident has our very own step competition. Just sync your data to TRIDENT & we’ll do the rest!

Originally from Glasgow. Ashleigh is our dual-award professional in nutrition and dietetic; she holds a BSc in Human Nutrition & Dietetics and a MSc in Exercise & Nutrition Science.

Ashleigh brings a specialism and a fountain of knowledge on diets for those who may suffer with IBS (FODMAP dietary approaches) and diabetes to the TRIDENT team.

If you suffer with diabetes or diabetes related illnesses; only a trained dietician may give advice on your diet – as such Ashleigh is a crucial team member and allows TRIDENT to offer significant resources to our clients with these medical conditions that other programmes can not offer.


Jamie Thorpe  BA Hons. i, CMI, CMA. 
Director of Marketing & Technology

Admittedly Jamie is involved more so with the behind the curtain elements of TRIDENT; despite little physical interaction with clients his position as director of marketing & techonology has a huge impact on our clients experience of the programme. 

His role within the team is to create the processes that track our clients performance via our innovative systems and technology. He’s also in charge of the marketing for TRIDENT; a familiar role for Jamie who has several years experience as a marketing consultant. Jamie was previously a client of John and life long friends with Dean and Lee. Jamie was aware of John’s desire to work with a dietician and nutritionist; this lead to Jamie introducing all parties and ultimately the creation of TRIDENT.



Dean Ashton ‍‍‍BA Hons., ‍‍‍MSc
Director of Nutrition

Ashleigh Maske BSc Hons., MSc. 
Lead Dietitian


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